Hell Froze Over

Really, it did.

No worries, I continue to love chocolate and music and apples and berries and George, and all the things you know I love. Absolutely!

Still hate coconut, don’t have anything to do with Trump or his debate panel. Didn’t return to the Dark Side (Windows). No embracing of scurryage or creepy crawlies or slitherers. And, sigh, I didn’t get caught up on the email I owe you and you and you. Nope, not at all.

I. Texted.

I was away Thanksgiving week. I only ever turn my cell phone on when I am away. And Wednesday morning I saw there was… a text. I didn’t know what to do. A text? Huh? So I figured it out. And responded. WOW! What a concept! Texting!

The next day at Thanksgiving dinner I shared the story, and someone said, “Wait… you mean yesterday, yesterday, not several years ago, yesterday?”

Yes. That’s exactly what I meant.

And, since then, texting. Daily!

On this non-Smartphone. It officially is a Tracfone “feature” phone.


Mood: The little phone that did

Texting. Who knew? Sorry, hell.

Doctor, My Eyes

Decided it was long past time to take out the screen door, and put in the storm. Why I didn’t do this while it was light out, don’t ask. Really, don’t ask. Also, don’t ask where I’ve been all these weeks. Really, don’t ask. Thank you! :-D

The storm is six feet tall, 2 1/2 feet wide. Plate glass. It weighs about 2,436 pounds. Did I mention it is plate glass?

To swap the doors, I carry it from the garage up the two steps and inside the house, and then through the hallway and office to the front door, and get the screen out, and get the storm in, and make sure all the little lug screw holder clamp thingies are really tight. It’s not an easy job because of the weight. And did I mention it is plate glass? Friends (reallyreally strong, male friends) who have helped in the past have all remarked that it is a very, very heavy door. And, ummm… plate glass, remember?

Anyway, it means I am standing at the front door for waaay longer than I ever do.

The people across the street have a HUGE tv. Really, really HUGE. Like drive-in movie, HUGE. It is in their living room. I know this, because they don’t have window coverings. None. No window coverings. None. At. All.

They were watching porn. I don’t know exactly what porn, but it most definitely was porn. Not tame porn. Porn porn. Porn porn porn. I don’t know if there is anything beyond XXX, but this was likely it.


Mood: And that’s okay. You weren’t REALLY expecting porn…

Note to self: From now on, change the doors when it is daylight. Sigh.

The Sheets Are On

The sheets are on the bed:

Mood: I hope they last forever...

Mood: I hope they last forever…

I wore my pin:


Mood: I love my birthday!

Thanks to friends in other hemispheres, wishes started early and continued. ♥ ♥

Plenty of chocolate was consumed, cake and ice cream too. Sorry, there aren’t even enough crumbs for a photo. (Okay, I’m not really sorry…)

In other words (and it is now even legal!)

Happy Birthday to Me!
Happy Birthday to Me!
Happy Birthday Dear Me!
Happy Birthday to Me!

I LOVE birthdays!! Especially mine! Life is good… ♥

This Is The Year

That I let go.

Last year, I wrote, “Each year, I think ‘This is the year I will let it pass, this is the year I won’t post, won’t comment…’ and each year, well… it’s not something I can let go. At least… not yet.”


Mood: Remembering to infinity

I will always, alwaysalwaysalways, remember, light candles. This is the year, though, that I commemorate and focus on the lives, and not on the deaths, not the loss of my friends, not the loss we all felt, not the end of the world as we knew it, not the real and constant rise of terrorism, and the reminders that are shoved at us, daily. Posting, commenting… that ends, for me, with this post. (At least, that is how I feel right now, right here… you all know me well enough to know it can change!) I wouldn’t have posted this, if not for the messages and notes from people worrying… they all expected that of COURSE I would post.

And so I ask you to watch this video from the New York Times, about light, about life, about remembering and honoring.

For me, I need to let go. And so I have.

My Moment of Zen

The good news is, I’ll now be able to go to sleep at 11pm. The bad news is, it is because The Daily Show ended last night. Oh, sure, there will be a new host next month, and perhaps I will watch it. And, sure, I am really liking Larry Wilmore and will watch The Nightly Show, though I’m likely to tape it, rather than stay awake.

As so many other shows that go off the air, or change hosts, or change something dramatic, the finale last night pulled at heartstrings, with some seemingly unexpected tributes, and a show that trumpeted the show, rather than the host. No surprise there. And since it is easy to find (just click the link on the word “finale” above!), I’ll let you watch or read about it, or, well, ignore it all, too.

Anyone who has watched the show wasn’t really surprised that Jon Stewart, who ended every show with “A Moment of Zen”, ended last night with HIS Moment of Zen. And that the Moment was no other than… Bruce Springsteen.

So how was it MY Moment of Zen?

I watched, of course. And I cheered when Bruce and band started singing, “Land of Hopes and Dreams”, a request from Jon. And I noticed the clock as they finished and started singing a verse from “Born to Run”… I saw the clock tick from 11:59 to 12:00, and the day go from August 6, to August 7. From the day before, to the day of… my mother’s birthday.

My mother introduced me to The Daily Show (and former Colbert Report, after it) and my mother loved and adored Bruce. When I was taking care of her, all I had to do was put on Bruce, and she’d laugh and sing and dance.

Max Wenberg's Sticks

Mood: Drumsicks – Waaay better than being given the winning game ball…

It was, and will remain, for me, a Moment of Zen.

As she has done every year since she died, my mother has given me my favorite weather today. We have been socked in with high heat and higher humidity, and even higher dew points. Today… cool, crisp, and rather than dew points in the humid and oppressive 60s and 70s, today it is mid 40s. In a word… heaven. My mother shared heaven with me. It will be a snuggle with the blankets night, for sure.

Oh, and another gift today? The last three berries, much later in the season than ever before.

Moments of Zen, berries, perfect weather. Life is good. Happy Birthday, Mom! ♥

The First Day in a Very Blue Moon

The Universe has a way of consistently reminding me of synchronicity, of serendipity, of all things good and wonderful and beautiful. Even as it occasionally reminds me of the less-than-wonderful, which is okay, too.

I’ve posted about this day, this time of year, before. The First Day in August was big for me, huge. Huger than huge. I didn’t know when I wrote that post, that simply the writing of it, the sharing, the getting-it-out-there-ness of it, would mean deeper and deeper healing, to a point that the end-of-July discomfort no longer has any hold on me, none at all. I jump for joy and dance and sing, that the heaviness has let go. Yippppeeee!!!

Still, I’m not one to ignore traditions and rituals. No, no, no, not me! Not ever! And especially never any that include songs!

So, today, as I have for decades, I listen to a Carole King song, “The First Day in August”. And because today there will be a blue moon, I’m also listening to “Once In A Very Blue Moon”. Oh, and so many other songs, but these two… repeatedly. (Perhaps were you here, you might be thinking that “ad nauseam” fits better than “repeatedly”… aren’t you glad you aren’t?!) Most definitely!

Frrrozen Hot Chocolate

Mood: Yummmmm…

I love synchronous, serendipitous days. Love, love, love them!

This Man Deserves a Parade

This Day in History:

Jul 08, 1881, Edward Berner, druggist in Two Rivers, WI, poured chocolate syrup on ice cream in a dish. Up to this time, chocolate syrup had only been used for making ice-cream sodas.

Can you believe this? Sundaes didn’t exist mere minutes after ice cream was invented? I shake my head in disbelief!

I guess they were too busy eating:


Mood: You thought you’d not see berries? Ha…


Unexpected Places

Almost always, when hope returns for me, it is because of The Helpers. You know who I mean, the people who just show up to do what is needed, who support and care and most often do it all without fanfare, without wanting acclaim. They fill me with hope, and restore my faith in humankind.

Imagine my surprise, my shock, that this time, it was nothing other than the Supreme Court of the US, who restored my hope. Two decisions, two days in a row, that make me think… maybe, maybe, things can turn around, maybe, maybe, we all stand a chance. Maybe. And it is about time.

ice cream

Mood: Definitely an ice cream kind of day!

I’m one of those people for whom Obamacare doesn’t quite go far enough. Frankly, I want the same health insurance I provide my senators with my tax dollars. It’s the least I should get. But, BUT… this nonsense about parsing the word “the”… thank goodness the Supreme Court ruled the right way. And now, please, VT, back away from this completely, totally incompetent state exchange, and let us have the Federal program.

I’m one of those people who chose not to marry. The reasons, whether not the right guy, not the right time, whatever, don’t matter, I chose not to. However, those who want to and are of age and consent, let them, and rejoice in it. In health and happiness, no matter their gender. I toast them, gladly.

Thank you, Supreme Court!! :-D

In other news, they found and killed one of the prison escapees, and are actively (based on the nonstop tv coverage, the word “frantically” comes to mind) searching for the second. The news they get in that area is our local news, too, so it has been a constant feed here, and since the report this afternoon the news desk has only taken breaks for commercials, nothing else has been shown. I’ll be glad when they get the second guy, this calms down to a dull roar and then disappears until the BOATS (based on a true story) movie hits one of the cable channels. That other than the escapee, so far everyone has remained safe, is a blessing and a miracle.

And in other, other news, the berry alert begins! Maybe tomorrow, maybe Sunday, some will be ripe for picking. You have been warned!

Six of One – Priceless

I recently read something about grief, that grief is the price of loving. I thought about that, a lot.

I don’t agree. Grief isn’t the price of love, it is the proof of love. It is the proof and life, of love. I’m sure of that.

Last night, it rained. Torrential, pounding, pouring rain. It was supposed to hit early evening, but it didn’t start until I was in bed, and it stayed through the night.

This morning it was grey, damp, as the rain dried, the skies cleared, and now, as expected… gorgeous. It is a beautiful, sunny, breezy, cool day. My favorite weather. Exactly as I knew it would be.

Today, six years ago, my Mom died. That day, too, was clear and breezy and cool.

There are things my mother does, to let me know she is thinking of me. The weather, my favorite weather, is one of them. I know she would like to change some things for me, “erase, fix” some others. There is only so much she can do. Weather is one of them.


Mood: Cuddled

Of course, a candle is lit. Her favorite dinner will be shared. And this year, I received another gift from her.

Yesterday, the news out of Charleston, of hatred and racism and murder, hit me hard. Very hard. It’s not something I can ever really understand, can never make sense of. Last night I watched Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show, and his words, the entire show, gave me the perspective, the support, I needed.

How was that a gift from Mom? Oh, she watched it nightly, introduced me to it. And last night, somehow, rather than sleeping, I knew to turn it on. Actually, no somehow about it… Mom knew the show, and the torrential rain, were exactly what I needed.

Thank you, Mom.

I love you, Mom. Happy Birthday, my friend. ♥